In order to obtain the visa for Iran for you, we need these completed documents:

  • Valid passport (needs to be valid for at least 6 more months after your return date)
  • Visa application form, completed and signed
  • 2 recent passport photos 3 x4 cm (in colour, with a bright background)
  • Flight or train confirmation
  • Proof of a hotel confirmation
  • Finger prints on an official form (can be obtained at a Swiss police station: only for Swiss and EU citizens)
  • copy of your residence permit (for people without Swiss or Liechtensteiner passport)
  • Stamps for CHF 6.00.- (please, don’t paste them on the envelope!)
  • Completed contract form for bornpower gmbh

Processing time for the visa

  • 10 days after the receipt of the passport

Important information about the visa

  • You MUST have an invitation letter with a reference number for a double entry and for an entry visa. We provide the reference number for tourist visas (CHF 150. -)
  • Entry visas are for those who want to enter Iran due to business, negotiations, conferences (economy / culture) or sports activities
  • The passport must not have any proof of a stay in Israel.

Kosten pro Visum:

Visum CH citizens EU citizens UK citizens Afghans Iraqis
Tourist, 1-entry 125.- 125.- 270.- 170.- 95.-
Tourist, 2-entry 180.- - - 240.- -
Entry visa CH citizens EU citizens UK citizens
1-entry 140.- 125.- 290.-
2-entry 170.- 170.- 350.-
Multiple-entry 200.- 200.- 500.-
  • Info per E-Mail erhalten

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